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Gary Mol


Eight years ago the first version of my bullet trap was conceived in my garage. And the first test weapon was a .300 Weatherby. That rifle did what it does best, blow the hell out of whatever it hits! Final score, Weatherby 1, bullet trap 0! Through extensive testing, I could make the trap work and was awarded a patent. Hard work ensued, and after trying to run thru many closed doors and a couple of partners, I knew I had to have a working relationship with someone that shared my vision. I started American Range Systems™ with that person, my wife Beth. With much sacrifice and help, she and I stand together in American Range Systems. I had the opportunity to re-invent the entire bullet trap line, in most cases, making the unit 200% stronger than before. As a result, we were recently awarded our second patent and now our models stand alone in strength as they should, stopping what I say they will stop – PERIOD! We now have a company with like minds, and a love for what we do. We make the strongest, cleanest, most affordable bullet traps, and you can own this technology. Welcome to the American Range Systems Family.


American Range Systems is dedicated to sharing the most advanced bullet catching technology that brings the range to you, and takes the fear out of knowing a bullet’s final resting place.


Our vision is to provide the mind-blowing technology that IS American Range Systems to as many people and businesses as possible. Whether you are a private citizen looking to improve or sustain your shooting, or a commercial business, we strive to provide the safest and cleanest way to bring the range to you! The idea is simple, American Range Systems gives shooters the ability to site weapons, test function weapons, test bullets, and teach others safe firearm use with a personal range or commercial range setting.


Many state, local and federal authorities have rules and regulations which could impact the use of this product, for example, rules on the use of firearms or the disposition of materials found in bullets.  It is the user’s responsibility to comply with any and all applicable rules and regulations including, but not limited to, those relating to the use of these products and the disposition of the collected waste materials.


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