How it Works
Patented design built to stop anything
How it works, Phase 1
Phase One
A uniquely designed, self-healing ballistic face front slows down projectiles on impact
How it works, Phase 2
Phase Two
The projectile collides back & forth with the ballistic compound medium, rapidly slowing its momentum
How it works, Phase 3
Phase Three
In the rare occasion a projectile reaches the back of an ARS unit, patented rear-angled AR-500 steel panels deflect back into the ballistic medium


Bullet Traps Engineered To Last

Built with durable, weather-resistant materials
Each unit is built with heat resistant materials
Easy access face replacement
Top door access allows for quick and easy maintenance
Patented angled deflection plate
AR-500 steel panels push projectiles back through the medium, slowing them down further
Secure Stand
Three leg design eliminates wobbles and can be equipped with pads or wheels for maneuverability
Environmentally Friendly
All projectiles are contained inside the unit until maintenance is performed for disposal or recycle, nearly eliminating lead spray.
All A.R.S. traps are equipped to handle pistol rounds
All A.R.S. traps can withstand rifle rounds except the Ranger Series
Full Auto Fire
A.R.S. traps are built to withstand single shot, burst or full auto fire
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